Tile floors might appear simple to clean, but mops, as well as any other store bought cleaning devices simply do not work. Mildew, mold, and dirt get trapped in within the grout pores and tiles. They live there and grow simply because typical cleaning isn’t sufficient to eliminate them.

OUR TILE & GROUT TECHNICIANS have the ability to give your tile & grout an intensive cleaning. Our company has knowledgeable technicians, state-of-the-art cleaning machines, and the certified skills to thoroughly clean your tile & grout the right way.

It might appear simple to clean tile flooring, which may be the case in certain situations, however a deep clean still is required to have it sparkle like new once again. Mopping tiles may get eliminate delicate surface staining, but there’s mildew and mold that’s left behind. CARPET PROFESSIONALS specialists are experienced with cleaning your tile & grout with proven methods and powerful cleaning products. We’ll bring back the sparkle and cleanliness in your kitchen area, restroom, and tile floors.

Capret Professional Price: Competition Pricing:
2 Rooms for: $79 2 Rooms for: $49
Pre-Treating: Included Pre-Treating: $25/Room
Pre-Spotting: Included Pre-Spotting: $25/Room
Mild Deodorizing: Included Mild Deodorizing: $25/Room
------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
Total Cost: $79 Total Cost: $124
No Gimmicks! and hidden extra costs
No Hidden Fees!