Does your carpet have ripples, waves, lumps or bumps? Are your carpets coming apart at the seams ? Then you need CARPET PROFESSIONALS . We are certified and insured and have over 16 years of experience with all types of carpet repairs and stretching.

With all of the traffic that our carpeting gets, it's not surprising that it occasionally gets damaged. But, many homeowners are unaware that there is a middle ground between replacing your entire carpeting and rearranging your furniture to hide the damaged spots.

In fact, our carpeting professionals can often repair the damage that your carpeting has incurred. The experienced technicians at CARPET PROFESSIONALS can help you with your carpet repair and carpet stretching needs. We can repair ripped seams and replace small sections or entire rooms of carpet.

Did you know that a poorly stretched carpet wears faster than a flat properly stretched one? CARPET PROFESSIONALS power stretching equipment can stretch out unsightly wrinkles or waves in your carpet and add years to its life. CARPET PROFESSIONALS has the equipment and experience to meet almost any carpet repair or need. Let us come by and give you a free estimate on your carpet repair or stretching job.


Capret Professional Price: Competition Pricing:
2 Rooms for: $79 2 Rooms for: $49
Pre-Treating: Included Pre-Treating: $25/Room
Pre-Spotting: Included Pre-Spotting: $25/Room
Mild Deodorizing: Included Mild Deodorizing: $25/Room
------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------
Total Cost: $79 Total Cost: $124
No Gimmicks! and hidden extra costs
No Hidden Fees!